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26 sharp business ideas that can make you a millionaire

You may not be familiar with most of these business ideas listed here, but each of them have potential to make one a millionaire within a short period of time. Lots of people are trapped with lack of business ideas, most people in this state have startup capital but are faced with a big problem “no idea for an ideal business to start”. And other set of people are those who have no money to execute any of the thousands of business ideas popping up in their mind, people in this state also have greater problems because even if they have access to money, they will still be confused and may end up pursuing tow many things at a time and will never come out successful at any. Suppose you’re searching for any business idea you can start in an environment like Nigeria the under listed ideas may be good for you to choose from.

  1. Food Delivery Services (Food Panda by Rocket Internet is a great starting point)
  2. Real-Estate Classifieds
  3. Niche Resume building services and job portals
  4. VISA/MasterCard associated e/mobile wallet service
  5. Quick Tap-and-go payments (NFC based) with reload-able cards
  6. Auctions (done right)
  7. Shared Office Space, Temp Office Space, Share Co-working Space (daily, weekly, monthly model)
  8. Ubiquitous person-to-person payments
  9. Packaging Supplies (think packing peanuts, bubble-rolled sheets, air filled spacers, cardboard boxes, injection foam, etc.)
  10. Niche Business Directories (still a huge market for it)
  11. Loyalty Programs and management of these programs based on social media sites like Facebook.
  12. com Banking Model
  13. Medical & Dental Records Keeping (Online storage and access)
  14. PFM (Personal Finance Manager) Apps that are integrated with your bank account.
  15. That easiest ones to start (lowest barrier to entry) is anything that deals with arbitrage.
  16. Create a service that gets existing businesses more customers.Examples: Yelp, Coupons.
  17. Builders of any kind (website, form, app, game creation etc.)
  18. Ecommerce services of any kind (payments, CRM, easy shop creation etc.)
  19. Educational services of any kind (coding, web design, business etc.)
  20. Data analysis services (web, social, mobile etc.)
  21. Mail & SMS services (transactional, drip etc.)
  22. Support services (Live chat, forums etc.)
  23. Accounting + HR services (Intact with local law)
  24. Security services (Very risky)
  25. Manufacturing of any kind (Needs great investments)
  26. Infrastructure of any kind (Fiber internet, cloud hosting, etc.)

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To be successful entrepreneur is not a rocket science, just choose one of any business ideas listed above or from those listed previously on this blog and run with it until success is achieved. The moment you succeeded in one of these ideas diversification becomes easy for you. Apply focus at the initial stage to save energy and resources, every idea you have is good as long as there is market for it or you’re prepare to create market. Good luck.

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