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exclusive business ideasThis is where you can find business ideas for startups, not only ideas also you can find tips on how to startup your business today without delay. All the information here are backed up with facts.. to your success

Don’t be a fool, spot this secret and save your children from mediocrity

How to solve a problem to make money

Developed countries like America, England and China have a lot of opportunities which makes people rush to them. Nigerians always seek opportunities to travel abroad, work hard and acquire wealth before coming back to settle at home. There are some Nigerians that prefer to sell their live savings and use the ...

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6 hot businesses that require very small capital to START

This publication exposes 6 hot businesses that require very small capital to start. Nowadays, many people are discontent with being employees of others. Consequently, they look for ways to express their own creativity in their work life and to gain personal satisfaction. Thus people try to open up their own ...

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This business opportunity can make you rich

Do you want to be rich? if yes! then this business opportunity can make you very rich. Well, this is one opportunity anyone looking for ways to make money quickly should embrace. Do you have anything for sell? if your answer is no, then how do you want Let me ...

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One Best Strategy That Guarantees Success During Recession

  This is one best Strategy that guarantees Success during the recession I want to share with you here, I will be precise and straight to the point about this topic as I wouldn’t want to waste your time here because I understand that time is money. What is a recession? I ...

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Preparation for startup, things you need to know

Becoming a business owner is one of the most interesting things. If I may ask, ‘Is there any one that wouldn’t want to be a successful entrepreneur or person? I don’t think there is. The only problem in becoming an entrepreneur is how to become successful. It is hard to ...

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How to start fish hatchery business

 I just want to give you a brief highlight on how to start a profitable agribusiness in Nigeria with a small capital and grow into a multi-millionaire within a space of four months, yes! I said within a space of just four months. I’m not wasting your time here with ...

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26 sharp business ideas that can make you a millionaire

You may not be familiar with most of these business ideas listed here, but each of them have potential to make one a millionaire within a short period of time. Lots of people are trapped with lack of business ideas, most people in this state have startup capital but are ...

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101 list of business opportunities that can make you rich


After thorough studies and reviews of our current economy, I decided to embark on a research to compile list of businesses one can start with small capital. Undoubtedly, you will agree with me that Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest rate of unemployed youth and currently the ...

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Do you want to be self-employed? The opportunity is here!

smesmedia design for selfemploy

      Enitan Street, Off Adeola Street, Aguda, Surulere No 2001, 2nd Foor, Aguda Market Shopping Plaza, Surulere Lagos Nigeria. from 8am-6pm daily Training takes place at our office daily.

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How to Make A killing from Micro Production of Liquid Soap

How to Make 100% Profit from Micro Production of Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is one of the most consumable products in the market with little or no much competition like in every other detergents family where big players are spending huge sum of money in advertisement. Do you know that almost every home in the city uses one brand of liquid ...

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How To Make Money From Micro-baking

  Are you idle and confused not knowing what to do, where there are lots and lots of things to do these days to attain financial freedom? One thing you will understand is that not everyone will work in a big organisation though it may be everyone biggest dream to ...

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    People with money seem to be on a binge to prove their status and flaunt their wealth by staging large, catered parties. As a matter of fact, in some circle of affluence, a party or social get-together isn’t considered an event of any significance unless it’s a catered affair. With the same kind ...

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Startup Programme of the Year-Organised by Total

In Africa as elsewhere, many young people aspire to start their own business and build a brighter future, which is why we’ve created the « Startupper of the year by Total » challenge. Ideas deserve support, especially great ones. And promising ideas deserve a helping hand. Google, Facebook, Daily Motion, ...

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The fundamentals to Foodstuffs Exportation

  Before you attend the next seminar on foodstuff exportation, I would like you to do this! I will be precise as possible as I wouldn’t want to waste much time in this topic. For those who have shown much interest in exporting foodstuffs abroad this publication is a must ...

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How to Make Money Buying and Selling used Cars

    Today, with the average consumer now spending up to $26,400+ for a new car, consumers realize the importance on investing in lower priced used cars. With millions of buyers entering the used vehicle market every year, a wealth of opportunities exist for anyone looking for extra income, or a new and lucrative ...

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Do you know that you can Make Money as a Fashion Designer?

  Everybody is talking about fashion today whether as a celebrity, politician, comedian, pastor, working class or ordinary person on the street. Fashion is the next to human need after food; some even consider looking good than eating good food. Do you have a love for fashion?  If that love ...

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