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How To Export Foodstuffs From Nigeria To Abroad


Why you should think about wow to Export Foodstuffs From Nigeria To Abroad. The devaluation of Naira as a result of the fall in oil price together with other economic variables has offered a favorable environment for exporters of foodstuffs in terms of the profit made. As an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to go into foodstuff exportation business, make sure you have the keen interest in the food business and possess a great deal of passion for it as it’s a prerequisite factor that determines your success.

The opportunities in this sector are huge just as in importation, reasons being that the number of Nigerians who travel out of the country increases on daily basis.

Below is a fact got from a forum blogger in the course of our research that shows how profitable this business can be.

“I’ve been looking into exporting foodstuff from Nigeria to UK (perhaps London more particularly as I live in London). I have noticed a growing market for our yams, palm oil, Garry, Golden morn, Milo, sardines, geisha and much other local foodstuffs. Jeez, some of these foods have even hit Tesco! I don’t want to own an African food store. My interest is in supplying existing stores with food from Nigeria. I thought of this business idea as a way for me to travel between UK and Nigeria as I have family in both countries. So I can see both parties regularly

I thought of this business idea as a way for me to travel between UK and Nigeria as I have family in both countries. So I can see both parties regularly”

Some people charge as much as fifteen to twenty thousand nairas to offer just training on how to export foodstuff without connecting you with any buyers of the foodstuffs.


One of the best ways to start this business is to acquire the knowledge on how domestic foodstuff business works, don’t just jump into foodstuff exportation with only the training gotten from seminars. That may not be enough. Moreover, if you start with domestic foodstuff store and marketing, negative changes in the international market or exchange rates would not have much effect on you financially and psychologically.


Acquire training (attend seminars, join forums, read journals etc.)
Get the necessary documents
Decide on the product to export
Register your business or use a registered cooperative society name
Package your product to international standards
Look for clients





As someone who wants to go into full-time foodstuff exportation or any other processed or unprocessed stuff, you need to get the below-listed documents. But for someone who wants to start small, you may not need to go through all this initial rigorous process but you should have someone who will receive your goods overseas.

  • Completed NXP forms (six copies)
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Letter of Credit
  • NEPC Registration Certificate
  • To get your goods certified for export, follow this link:


  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Commercial invoice
  • Single goods declaration (SGD)
  • Nigeria export proceeds (NXP) form
  • Clean certificate of inspection (CCI)
  • Packing list

Documents are to be presented after shipment. Documentation requirements for FORM M and NXP processing remain the same and lastly, the time frame for export processing has been reduced to 48hrs which also depends on the readiness of all your documentation.


Plantain, Plantain flour, Ogbono, Yam Flour, Snail, Vegetable-Ugwu, Water Leaves, Bitter Leaves, Bitter Kola, Kola Nut, Pea Nuts, Okoro, Locust Brown Beans, White Beans, Ground Beans, Dried Prawns, Garry, Avacado, Dry Fish, Melon, Pepper-ground, Pepper-fresh/frozen, Pepper-small spicy, Habanero Pepper, Black Pepper, Pepper-bulb (tatashe), etc

5 ways to start foodstuff exportation


Some of the challenges faced by Nigerians foodstuff exporters are:

  • Stringent Sanitary and PhytoSanitary (SPS) requirements.
  • The high cost of exportation and poor trade facilitation system,
  • Difficulty in accessing finance and credit facilities by new exporters.
  • Lack of adequate training and modern equipment in processing value-added agricultural products.
  • Lack of basic information about doing business in the US market coupled with laziness on the side of an entrepreneur to read and explore useful information
  • Most importantly, Packaging and labeling.

Nigerians who are ready to start this business should keep themselves informed with current information on documentation both at home and abroad. There is a need for more exporters as few Nigerians who are currently in foodstuff exportation sector cannot meet the demand of millions of yearning Africans in US and UK.

This is a special invitation to the Nigeria multi-billion Naira foodstuff exportation industry.

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    I have been to Nacho and met several of the agents. But the information gotten from them ended up confusing me the more as I discovered that all of them are looking for ways to fleece you.

  4. Blessing Uzoamaka

    Nice write up and very useful for beginners. Thanks for these tips.

    • Im so much interested in this food stuff exportation business but i ve been discouraged by every one i ever told.I want to start small do i need to get all these documentations?if no how do i start? someone please help me!!

      • Kayode Gabriel

        Myself have been looking for information about this business, but I was almost discouraged by these long documentation. But I am not giving up and I would advise you to do the same

        • It is not very easy to start such business but you should not give up… my advice to people looking forward to exporting foodstuffs abroad has being, start with the domestic market first.

        • israel innocent

          please…am just seen this post and i will like to any one on this business….. am a student but i have big interest in it…..kindly send me a email oluwainnocento@gmail.com…. thanks..

          • You can start this business with any amount and grow it… You won’t believe how much you can make from this business as a student!

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