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HighMark Interactive Whiteboard 10 Users Review

Highmark Interactive whiteboard has one of the features most needed in schools whether private or public, also very perfect for high institutions. For practical lessons and writing exercise among students this board is the best. Most of the IWBs we have are single users hardly you see dual users like Highmark that accept up to 10 users working on the board simultaneously and the price is also very competitive.

Brief description of Highmark Interactive Whiteboard Technology  (10 Users Simultaneously)


  • Highmark Interactive Whiteboard Technology which is similar to the latest IPhone/IPad technology for the touch screen is now the most advanced technology in Interactive Whiteboard Industry. It is different from and superior to other traditional Interactive Whiteboard (Electromagnetic/Infrared/Optical) technologies and will become the future trend.
  • Data processing load is 100 times of infrared technology, which results in excellent multi-writing performance, supporting up to 10 different users writing simultaneously. The multi-touch technology results in more dynamic interactions around the contents.
  • The capacitive film inside the board identifies and locates static electrical capacity of the human body when a person touches the board. As it recognizes only finger touch or capacitive pen touch, any inaccurate touch or writing triggered by the objects on or close to the board can be eliminated.


  • Plug-and-play for Windows system
  • Support 10 points touch simultaneously, with no ghost points in multi-touch operation
  • Finger touch or stylus pen touch
  • Any objects on the board have no effect on the writing operation, which has largely reduced mistake-operation.
  • Immune to light or dust interference, suitable for various environments
  • Independent power supply

For now, it is the best for schools and offices as it tops the list. It comes with teaching resources to aids the teacher and it is very easy to use that even an illiterate can use it without training.

The maintenance is very simple and most beautiful thing about it is the price! I was thinking it will be very expensive for schools to afford but when I was told about the price it was WOW! unbeatable. I will suggest you check out this board yourself here.

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