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Investment Opportunity In Fast Moving Products

Let me start with these two questions… the answers determine if this opportunity is for you or not, if yes then read on but if no don’t waste your time…

  1. Are you at all open to explore outside opportunities as long as they don’t conflict with your goals in life?
  2. Are you looking for a lucrative business to invest and make 1000% or more returns on investment?

Here is the big opportunity for you to become a brand owner in Nigeria and round world.

The best way to save money is to invest it in lucrative and secured businesses because money depreciates if kept idle.

An opportunity is open for few investors in fast moving products with high demand in schools, offices, churches, training institutions, military etc.

Do not worry everything is completely done for you.

If you are ready to explore new opportunities…. consider this…

One of our partners in China that manufacture goods for companies in US, Brazil and around the world is now open for investors in Nigeria. There is a high demand for their products in all sector of the economy.

The good news is that they’re ready to produce the goods in your own registered brand name without terms and condition, this will make it possible to build your brand worldwide like Samsung and LG have successfully done.

The products are fast selling and usually scarce because there’re few people who know about it…

You can recommend or decide on what you want them to produce for you if you’re new to our own recommended products since anything can be manufactured over there.

Why China?

If you’re a businessman or an entrepreneur into commodity marketing and you have no connection with Chinese industries, you are missing a huge opportunity…

Almost all the top brands in the world like Apple, HP, Dell, Samsung, LG, have factories in China. Those that do not own a factory in China produces some parts of their products in China because that is where you can get the cheapest cost of production in the world.

Here you are, faced with a rare opportunity to make it big time in life…

 Who is this opportunity opened for?

  • Investors
  • Business men
  • Cooperative societies
  • Corporate organization
  • Entrepreneurs

What are the benefits?

  • Cheap cost of production
  • Industrial adjustment to suit your present economy
  • Build your own brand
  • 1000% profit on each transaction
  • Sell cheaper than competitors
  • Efficiency and on time delivery
  • Have your products circulated all over Africa, US, UK etc.
  • Opportunity to assemble in Nigeria in future
  • Become an authority

Here are the few steps required listed below:

Step 1

Register the brand name you want to use

Step 2

Get SONCAP if the company that would produce the goods have not obtained it (however it would be shared between the both of you)…..

Step 3

Obtain other certificates required for importation.

 Step 4

Visit China to view the production plant and consolidate business relationship with them… this can be done once, subsequent ones will be for any other purpose.

We have experts that would assist investors to acquire all the necessary license and documentation listed above and ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction (optional).

Financial and Funding Requirements

Below is just a simulation of the financial requirement as the cost of production can either be higher or lower which depend on the things you may want to add or remove from the products to suit local consumption. Please note that exchange rate used is N220 to 1USD

Cost of Bringing In the product (Detailed in the table below)

S/N Description Price $ Price N Value(N)
I Cost per unit
II Number of pieces in a container—20ft 121pieces
III Total Cost of items
IV Cost of shipping/Freight
V Clearing Cost/import duty/terminal charges
VI Miscellaneous Cost not budgeted for
Estimated Cost Price per unit product           

Selling Cost (Detailed in the table below)

S/N Description Details Value(N)
I Selling Price per unit (Wholesale)
II Number of pieces in a container

Associated Costs (Detailed in the table below)

S/N Description Value(N)
I Marketing Cost/ logistics
II Administrative/Paper Work

Expected Profit

S/N Description   Value(N)

The financials above reveals gross revenue of N000 while cost price and associated costs total N0,000.

To that end, the cost of investment is N00 while other associated costs would be expended as soon as the shipment arrives. It is possible to reduce associated cost by 25% to 50%.

The expected time of return on investment

It will take a maximum of 70 days for the goods to arrive Nigeria starting from the shipment day while it will take a maximum of two to three months to sell the items

Competition isn’t a problematic factor at this time; there are plenty of needs to serve, we reveal to you how to present to your customers’ common products and services in an uncommon and innovative way.

Market Analysis Summary

Schools both Government and privately owned, Small and Medium Enterprises, organizations and individuals will be the primary market for your company.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

The marketing strategy will be based on generating awareness and visibility of the products on dealers’ showrooms, direct marketing to the end users and bridging the gap between the wholesalers and users which will make the product much more affordable and increase turnover. You will employ strategies that would rely on several different forms of affordable communication, advertising and aggressive marketing such as:

-Distributors and dealers

-Social Media i.e. Google Ads and search engine optimization

– Print and Electronic Media

– Direct marketing

– Nationwide distribution

Strategy and Implementation Summary

You will obtain your first clients from the existing available market, prospecting, referrals programme and direct marketing. Because of the quality of the product and the desirability of individuals and organizations to buy these products, you expect to add a number of clients to the existing ones within a short period of time because of the potential to grow exponentially.


The expenses will be reduced as you continue in the business; the marketing of the products is very simple as the demand is always there. The cost of marketing includes advert to promote and create brand awareness.

The selling price as quoted above is distributors’ price, not retailing price. Note that this opportunity is open for few days and only a few investors are needed… ours is to connect you with genuine manufacturers and the buyers of the products…and ensure you make your money back with good profits.

An interested investor should contact SMEs Media 

Wholesale electronics|Office Equipment|Audio Visual

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