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How to live a fulfilling life


I will like to start by defining the word “fulfilling life”. When we say that one is living a fulfilling life, it means the person have satisfaction, peace and happiness. He has the ability to create a pleasurable and comfortable ambiance around him. However, when we talk about pleasurable and comfortable ambiance, many will think that it is only money that makes this possible, the answer is capital NO, it’s not just money. Living a fulfilling life commences from the day you recognize the real personality you are made of. Who am I? is a question anyone with the desire to live a fulfilling life should ask.

From my little experience in life, I’m made to understand that why most people find themselves trapped in certain circumstances in life is because they are yet to discover who they are. Living a fulfilling life is not a function of the educational degrees acquired; some have degrees in quantum but they’re yet to find fulfillment in life, some have money stacked in their bedroom and wardrobes yet they can’t find fulfillment in life. Infact, I have read histories of world’s richest men who died miserably because of vicissitudes of life, therefore fulfillment is not attached to the economy or degrees.

From my findings, the major factors bedeviling the world and have kept many in perpetual uncomfortable state of life are as follows:

Knowledge: What do you know? What are the programs of your mind? What are your beliefs and what are your fears? I wouldn’t know your answers to any of these questions but all I know is that these questions have answers to “whom you are”. Lions dominate and feed on other animals, vultures feed on dead bodies, goats feed on grasses etc. It’s not natural for lions to feed on grasses or vultures to feed on living things irrespective of the situation they are in, it’s just a matter of who they are.

We are all human, we possess similar attributes and physical appearance but we have differences in the way we live our lives, the way we think, act, and respond to things, beliefs and so on. All these are the functions of what we know, it is practically impossible to be better than what you know. For instance, someone that did law in school have the tendency of becoming a lawyer and someone who studies medicine ends up becoming a doctor ,that is, if their minds have being programed from the inception to become lawyers and doctors in future.

One lesson to learn here is the part of the knowledge that have the capacity to help one live a fulfilling life,that is ‘the knowledge of life’. You have to understand that we have only one life to live on earth and to make meaning out of it, you must learn to show love to mankind irrespective of their culture, tribe, and belief and to the environment you find yourself, by so doing you will begin to find fulfillment . Loving people and your environment will help you create a pleasurable ambiance where you will live without worries.

The Mind: there are lots of definitions given to the mind such as the ability for rational thought, the ability to be aware of things, the ability to remember things, the ability to focus the thoughts, somebody that embodies certain mental qualities etc. The mind is one of the essential qualities that separate human from animals. Human was given the ability to think. Do you know anyone who does not think? Yeah there may be some people that does not think because from experience, I have learnt that majority of people we see around us do not think rather they can spend the whole day, weeks or years worrying and languishing in self-pity.

To live a fulfilling life, you must harness the power of the mind. From my studies, I discovered that the mind can be said to be like a programing language of the brain. The mind is the center of every activities of life. The mind can make or destroy.

For instance, a business man who borrowed money from the bank to expand his business finds out that he can’t pay back and in order not to drag his name to the mud,  he thinks that the only way to avoid disgrace and the shock and shame is to hang himself, that is the product of the mind. With the same mind, he can still think out other ways to solve his financial indebtedness other than killing himself, that is the power of the mind.

The mind have the capacity to help you live a fulfilling life if you understand its potential. To achieve this using the power of the mind… be positive, speak positively, don’t give chance to negative thoughts or retain it in your mind. You are what you think you are. Do you believe you can change your world by simply using the power of the mind? It doesn’t matter where you are in the scheme of things in life, you can change your world and live a happy life by simply believing that you can make it irrespective of the economic situation.

This is just few ways to achieve fulfillment in life, however, there are many other factors to consider.

Let’s know your thought!




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