The story of Joseph remains one of the best anyone can draw inference from in every areas of life. He was a man of big dreams who knows what he wants from life. His story touched every aspect of our life both spiritually and economically.

Below are 10 salient lessons from this impeccable and sublime story of Joseph:

Lesson 1: Having A Dream For One’s Life

Joseph was the only one among his brothers who had a dream. In life, it is important that one has a dream.

What is the important of having a dream? A life without a dream is a meaningless life and without direction. Having dreams early in your life will help to direct your path and naturally, circumstances that will bring your dreams into reality will surface. A dream is a purpose of one’s life. That is what one wants to be in life.

Lesson 2: Effective Communication

Joseph made his dream known to his brothers because they make up his environment though that ensued hatred among his brothers and eventually led to circumstances that brought Joseph’s dream to reality. When you make your purpose in life known to your partner/friends, it becomes easy to create the environment that will guarantee its manifestation.

Note: circumstances may vary depending on your environment and destiny.

Lesson 3: Tenacity

Joseph had a strong belief about his dreams irrespective of how people around him felt; he was determined and committed to it which made it impossible for him to conceal each dream. One thing you will understand here is that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams and aspirations in life if only you will remain determined and resolute even in time of recession and economic meltdown.

Lesson 4:  Discipline and Principled

One of the qualities of successful people on earth is discipline. Joseph was a disciplined and principled man, this was found in his life when destiny distorters came to entice him in order to destroy his purpose and frustrate his dreams. His boss’s wife seduced him but Joseph was determined in his heart not to allow anything stop him from reaching his goal in life. In life, you will certainly meet circumstances that will want to stop you from reaching your goal in life, remember the case of Joseph and apply wisdom.

Lesson 5: Honest and Trustworthy

The man Joseph was a trusted person, this made his master to appoint him as the general manager of all his business including his household to the extent that he was the second in command in his house. When he was wrongly accused and incarcerated, this same quality made him stand out among the entire inmates that he became their master in the prison. He was very honest to interpret dreams to his inmates and to the king and gave his candid advice and suggestions on the way forward which then brought him out of obscurity.

Lesson 6: Patience

This is one of the biggest needs of any man on earth, and without patience, it is impossible to work with your Maker neither will it be possible to achieve anything in life. Joseph was very patient to wait for 20years of troubles and turbulences before his dream came through. Therefore as a person, you must learn to be patient and wait for the traffic light to fully turn green before you move. Don’t be in a hurry in order not to end horribly. How poor are they that have no patience… they quit at the eleventh hour to their breakthrough.

Lesson 7: Hardworking and Diligence

Seest thou a man diligent in his business?, he shall stand before kings, men of timber and calibre and not with common men. This has been one of the greatest principles of success of all time. Joseph was a hardworking man right from when he was young; This was exemplified when he had to walk many miles looking for his brothers (herdsmen) in the desert as a young lad, also when he was in the house of Potiphar and the second in command in the whole land of Egypt that he had to work all through the 7 years of plenty to store foods that will last for another 7years of famine. I wonder the technology he used at that time to be able to store foods that preserved the lives of people in the then world. We do not have any excuse in this dispensation not to succeed. God will help us.

Lesson 8: The Fear of God

The fear of God is wisdom. When a man fears God, he will find it difficult to offend his fellow man but when you see a man that does not fear God; he can do anything without regret or sympathy. One of the benefits of honoring God or fearing God in ones heart is that it clears your mind from irrelevant thoughts, fears and corrupt mind which preempts one from thinking positively. Joseph had a close relationship with God and this helped him to discover his gift early in life. Though he was multi-talented, he discovered his gift of interpreting dreams which then accentuated other administrative talents he had. When you develop and maintain a cordial relationship with God, it will help you maintain continuous sound mind full of strength and energy to excel in everything you do.

Lesson 9: Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Joseph had a dream and he also had faith in God that one day, it shall come to pass. He was able to tell his dreams to his brethren because he believed that it will surely come through irrespective of circumstances that surrounded him. He held on to his dreams despite the hostility and delays.

When you’re on the journey of life, pursuing your career, job or education, faith is paramount to your success, do not give up so easily, believe you can and you will make it.

Lesson 10: Forgiveness

Joseph brothers sold him to bondmen and 20 years later, they were reunited; this was only possible because Joseph forgave them. He said to them that the Lord had sent him before them to preserve lives; he gave them a warm reception.

One of the good attributes of successful people on earth is the ability to forgive and let go of all grievances and offences. This will enable the mind function well by freeing it from every irrelevant thoughts that sap ones energy.

I want to believe that you were also blessed from the story of Joseph, if yes let’s share from yours. Drop your comment below!


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