After thorough studies and reviews of our current economy, I decided to embark on a research to compile list of businesses one can start with small capital. Undoubtedly, you will agree with me that Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest rate of unemployed youth and currently the economy is not structured to cater for the needs of those job seekers. Although government has promised stipend to vulnerable unemployed persons which is not be possible to achieve.

How to start your new business without capital

There are thousands and one business ideas and opportunities out there, but the challenge many people have is lack of adequate capital. We tried as much as we can to research about these listed businesses one can start with small capital, we concluded that any of these business ideas can be started with any amount within your disposal.  Sometimes, you don’t even need capital to startup your own business; all you need is the experience and the ability to convert what you know, information you have or your skills and talent as a money spinning business.

Below are 101 business ideas

Food business

  1. Fast food joint
  2. Restaurant and bar
  3. Bar/bush meat joint
  4. Mobile restaurant
  5. Mobile Fruit juice business
  6. Fruit marketing
  7. Foodstuffs business
  8. Mini foodstuffs exportation
  9. Beans cake making( akara)
  10. Chin-chin and plantain chip business
  11. Snacks making business
  12. Mini bakery business( low cost breads etc)
  13. Food production (garri, corn flour, beans flour, plantain flour etc.

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Internet business

  1. Printing and distribution of recharge cards
  2. Niche Blogging
  3. ecommerce business
  4. Online betting
  5. Website design
  6. Information marketing
  7. Mobile App development
  8. Online payment gateway
  9. Online coaching
  10. Online dating platform
  11. Affiliate marketing
  12. Online marketing
  13. Forum site
  14. Review sites
  15. YouTube business

Communication business

  1. Printing and distribution of recharge cards
  2. Mobile phone marketing (used or new)
  3. Mobile phone repair business
  4. Registration of sim-card and line retrieval business
  5. View center
  6. Internet data marketing( agent to communication companies)

Information and communication tech

  1. Software development
  2. Computer Programing
  3. Computer engineering
  4. Networking
  5. Cyber café
  6. Business center

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  1. Video/photography business
  2. Hair salon and sales of hair attachment
  3. Hair cut business (Barbing saloon)
  4. Make-over business
  5. Event organization
  6. Training
  7. Organizing Seminars
  8. Marketing services
  9. Catering services
  10. Car diagnoses center
  11. Car wash business
  12. Cleaning business
  13. Laundry business
  14. Transportation business
  15. Day care
  16. Business consulting
  17. Real estate agency
  18. Fitness training center
  19. Traveling agency
  20. Speech writing business
  21. Dog breeding/training
  22. Waste disposal business


  1. Poultry farming
  2. Fish farming
  3. Cassava farming
  4. Vegetable farming
  5. Water melon farming
  6. Grass cutters farming
  7. Snail farming
  8. Rice farming
  9. Plantain/ banana plantation
  10. Pig farming
  11. Bee farming
  12. Pineapple farming
  13. Palm oil/ palm kernel production

How to make a killing from car wash business


  1. Soap /detergent production
  2. Beads and hats production
  3. Candle production
  4. Tissue production
  5. Food processing
  6. Pap (ogi) production
  7. Ice cream production
  8. Branded Cloths production
  9. Zobo production
  10. Starch production
  11. Baking powder production
  12. Shea butter production
  13. Soya beans production
  14. Cashew nut production
  15. Cake making for wedding and birthday

Trading (offline and online)

  1. Baby wears business
  2. Selling of used clothing( okirika)
  3. Selling of used shoes either ladies or men or both.
  4. Selling of furniture
  5. Selling of cooking utensils
  6. Selling of stationary
  7. Selling of baby foods
  8. Selling of health products
  9. Selling of plastics
  10. Selling of frozen foods


  1. Health Diagnosis center


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