Our Story

SMEsmedia is established on integrity and transparency, we seeks to explore untapped opportunities in the SMEs world. 

Our target is to promote SMEs in Nigeria by providing useful products/ services and information pertinent to business promotion, job creation and self-employment, business idea, business news, business opportunities, training, publication and consultancy services. 

There are thousands of business opportunities and business ideas yet to be tapped in Africa and we are poised to providing information and training to the unemployed youth, graduate and undergraduate equipping them to become self-employed. 

Our goal is to create minimum of 500 job opportunities /entrepreneurs each year through training and human development, empowerment program, publications and skill acquisition programs through the support of our partners worldwide. 

In every  disability there is ability. It is true things are very difficult in Nigeria but there are still opportunities to survive, but you most be very tough in order to survive in a tough economy. learn to build your village to fend off raiders, a battle of million players worldwide, forge a formidable clan in order to defeat enemies clans. 

Join our entrepreneurship mastermind class and become your own boss.