Whether or not you got here by chance doesn’t really matter! Your path just crossed a career re-defining line.

That said, welcome to a briefing on the first ever Solid works Masterclass in West & Central Africa.

For those who do not yet know, Solidworks is the leading 3D CAD Modeling and Product Design software used for innovation and engineering of various products spanning across industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Injection Molding, Oil & Gas, to mention but a few.

Anchoring this workshop alongside other mentors is Engr. Joel Orujekwe, the first and only Certified Solidworks Expert in West Africa equipped with several industry experiences in design engineering and manufacturing.

Modules to be covered include;

  1. Solidworks Essentials
  2. Solidworks Drawings
  3. Solidworks Sheet Metal
  4. Solidworks Mold Design
  5. Solidworks Surfacing
  6. Solidworks Weldments
  7. Solidworks Simulation

Kindly, refer to the flier to understand more about the above modules.

Further Modules are made available upon request.

Why switch to SolidWorks 3D CAD!

Create accurate 2D drawings fast that can be automatically updated on-the-fly when you change your 3D model. SolidWorks software updates dimensions, critical tables, and notes to the new values with 100% accuracy also updates associated bills of materials so there is no confusion with manufacturing.

Speed up design with focused industry tools that ensure accuracy with built-in intelligence for each discipline. SolidWorks software provides application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold and dies design, and routing systems. Plus, visit MySolidWorks to get the answers you need from the entire SolidWorks community to create better designs, faster.

Test your design against real-world conditions and ensure you have the best design before you build it. SolidWorks Simulation validates your design earlier in the process—on-screen—so you can test how it holds up under extreme wind, heat, water, and other conditions. With the answers up front, you can reduce weight, eliminate unneeded materials, and optimize costs, as well as avoid potential liability or safety issues.

Design with the environment in mind and measure the sustainability of your product. Fully integrated with the design process, SolidWorks Sustainability tools help you make more informed design decisions in real-time about materials, sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal prior to manufacturing. Not only can you help protect the environment, you can expand your market, reduce costs, and add to profitability. Extract from solidworks.com

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