Lead Smart Interactive Display whiteboard has one of the features most needed in schools whether private or public, according to Zuma Marketing Limited LEAD Smart Interactive board is just perfect for schools, training centres, boardrooms, and high institutions, and it is affordable.

I have previously written a few articles about an interactive board, where I shared my experiences on how IWB works. LEAD smart Interactive board has one of the best quality in terms of software and durability. For practical lessons and writing exercise among students this board is one of the best. Most of the IWBs we have are single users hardly you see multi- users like LEAD board that accept up to 20 users working on the board simultaneously, and the price is also very competitive.

A brief description of LEAD smart Interactive Whiteboard Technology.

The technology behind LEAD smart Interactive Display board is similar to the latest iPhone/IPad technology which is the most advanced technology in the Interactive Whiteboard Industry. It is different from the normal single user and superior to other traditional Interactive Whiteboard in terms of quality (Electromagnetic/Infrared/Optical) and will become the trend.

LEAD smart Interactive display Board made is made of Infrared technology that respond quickly with high accuracy. No-radiation, is environment-friendly, safe and green product.

Some of the special features of this board are:

• Multitouch: support single or twenty persons write on the board at the same time.

• Aluminum honeycomb panel and alloy frame, nice looking, strong and durable, can work over 8 years.

• Coated with Nanomaterial, anti-reflection, anti-glare, a marker can write and erase.

• Detachable design for infrared frame and board, convenient for maintenance.

• Movable stands and stands with a projector arm equipped with the whiteboard. (Optional)

Software Functions:

• Can replace mouse completely, support click, double click and right click functions.

• Network capability: many pics of interactive whiteboard can be connected via the internet. users can communicate online and share the same information.

• Export function: the contents of the board can be exported and opened with various formats: the image file, PowerPoint file, word file, Exc, l file, PDF file and HTML files to enhance versatility.

• Send e-mail function: Contents can be sent by email as EPS, PDF, and PPT attachment.

• Various types of pens selection: pen, pencil, brush, smart pen, highlighter.

• Various writing pages selection: white page, black page, picture page, and desktop page.

• Support marking and editing in Office software: PP, EXCEL etc.

• Multimedia player: play various format files: WMV, AVI, asf, mpg. Can Mark and intercept the playing file. Record function: Voice and writing process can be recorded and saved in a computer which is convenient for review.

• Online translation: Can translate one language into any other language at any time.

• Zoom function: Full-screen zooming, object zooming.

• Object editing functions: Support objects copy, delete, move, rotate, resize.

• Searchlight: High brightness stands out the key point.

• Resource Library: Open resource library, users can add and delete optionally.

• Intercept screen function: Can capture any area, any size on the screen optionally.

• Geometric figures: drag and draw geometric figures freely, also can edit the figure such as change colour, line style, and width, fill colour, show tags etc

• Languages: Offer 28 kinds of language, including English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, Thai etc also can add new languages in a very short time.


• Innovative products: high tech teaching products, change teaching mode of traditional blackboards, trigger the evolution of teaching and learning way, enhance the environment for teaching and learning, realise classroom values return.

• Excellent quality: it’s safe, durable, healthy and environment-friendly, has long service lives.

• Accurate and fast: it handles task by advanced algorithms and respond fast, track with high accuracy, locate accurately and operate sensitively.

• Simple and Practical: has the function of automatic identification and start-up, easy to operate, no need for special pen, users can write and touch them with a finger or a teachers’ pointer.

• Safe and Durable: sturdy and durable suitable for the classroom environment.

• Clear Presentation: create excellent projection results and angle brightness is far better than that of a rear-projection TV.

• Unlimited Extension: has to function such as pulling the screen up/down/left/right and gesture recognition. Handwriting can be realised by touching a single point on the board. Ramble dragging can be done by touch multiple points on the board at the time. Users can write unlimitedly, roam, zoom in and zoom out.

• Perfect Function: Have many functions such as a hard pen, soft pen, brush pen and smart-pen and so on. It can synchronously record sounds and videos and also play back the courseware. Also have some other functions such as saving files, printing screens and sending e-mails. Network courseware can be browsed, inserted and saved. Furthermore, the whole process of writing and annotating can be recorded and replayed automatically

• Touch Recognition: Coordinating with a projector can make the whole screen become a touchscreen. Users can now write on the board, operate and control the computer by a finger or a pointer.

• Handwriting Input: users can do common operations of computers directly on the board, input handwriting text directly on a projection screen. E.g. can edit word, excel and other files on the board. it provides smart hotkeys, can write at once, change the colour and thickness of handwriting lines.

• Real-time Record: Can completely record the writing contents and images on the whiteboard and store them in a computer.

• Print Freely: easy and convenient to print the contents of the board just by clicking an icon.

• Autosaves: stored the contents automatically on a computer and generate courseware that users can reopen and modify .saving format include PPT, HTML, PDF, BMP, JPG, etc and can also be sent by E-mail.

• Synchronised Sounds and Pictures: not only record the writing contents but also can automatically generate multimedia teaching courseware or video records by synchronously recording the teachers or the conference organisers explaining the process.

• Network Conference: uses system via LAN or the internet can accommodate up to 500 participants to hold a network conference synchronously. A participant from the same remote conference can also engage in voice communication.

• Screen Annotation: users can use the pen to mark, annotate, draw pictures on any projection screen window and switch to another screen by clicking a key to carry out the whole teaching or presentation smoothly.


widely used in schools, enterprise meeting, military, medical etc. Won a good reputation both at home and overseas with good quality, reasonable price, and excellent sale service. LEAD electronics is a professional provider of multimedia teaching facilities.

Do you need a reliable and fully loaded Interactive board? LEAD smart interactive whiteboard is a brand to reckon with. I have personally reviewed lots of boards on my blog and on LinkedIn, the LEAD interactive display board is only one board for now with a wow experience.

Being a global brand, LEAD systems simply integrated gamification into learning which makes their board most fun interactive board for education and presentations.

Some of the Unique features are:

1.High-quality interactive board.

2.Most user-friendly.

3. Accept fingers (You can write with a finger or any opaque object and erase with backhand)

4.20 users(Simultaneously).

5.Anti-glare surface.

6. Accept windows 10.

7.2years product warranty (highest in the industry).

8.Latest technology (Advanced infrared powered).

9.Customer Friendly (Can be customise to suit customer requirement).

10.Number one in After-sales service.

11.Records and playback function


Touch technology: Infrared touch

Resolution(interpolation): 4096*4096

Input method: Finger, pen, teaching pointer, any other opaque object

Touch Times: Unlimited

Min. Touch object: 5mm

Responsible time: 8ms

Support system: Win10, Win2003, XP, Win7 64bit, Linux, Mac OS X 10.5, HID support all the systems, Win7 multi-touch

Touch Activation Force: No minimum touch activation force is required with IR touch technology

Temperature: Operating: -20°C ~ 70°C, Storage: -40°C ~ 85°

Relative Humidity: Operating: 90%(noncondensing at max 40°

Operation Voltage: Typical +DC 5V, +4.75V to +5.25V

Power Supply: USB, power ripple max.200mV rms

Technical support

1. Two-Year quality warranty with a continuous maintenance

2. Free repair (including labor and material) within the warranty period

3. Reasonable charge for spare parts and maintaining service after the warranty period.

4. 24/7 after-sales technical support.

5. Spare parts: necessary spare parts are available should there be any need for replacement.

6. Free technical training: training is available for free to teachers and personnel of our customers.

7. We offer Software upgrade and replacement in case of misplacement. T&C apply.

About Zuma Marketing Ltd

Zuma Marketing is a contemporary company that deals in audio-visual products and modern teaching aids, training, and educational resources. Since 2012, ZML has provided thousands of clients with reliable and cost-efficient technology solutions for their collaboration, presentation, and Educational needs.

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction and our mission centres on waste elimination, by offering quality and reliable audio-visual products, modern teaching aids and IT solutions.


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