Financial Consulting

We provide financial advice and guidance on useful areas that affects profitability and continuity of a business; thereby helping them reach their long term goals. Our general focus is in the area of budgeting and payroll management.


Budgeting is the foundation for a good financial plan. It helps you to prioritize your spending and manage your resources. In fact, the surest way to financial security is to budget and follow it. Looking for ways to maximize your profits, cut down unnecessary costs and increase the financial security of your organization, Budgeting is the answer.

Budgeting is defined as an estimated plan showing the intended expenses and expected revenue for a given period of time. Budgets must be realistic and aligned towards the vision and goals of your organization. Having a formal and structured budgeting process is the foundation for good business management.

We help organizations build an efficient Budgeting process that would help itemize their financial plans(expenditures and revenues), track and monitor the Budget figures on a monthly basis with the aid of a Budget performance Report and carry out Budget reviews where variances and other related issues are assessed.

Payroll Management

Congratulations!!! You started with just 2 personnel on your payroll list but now you have over 15-Your business is growing.

Whether you’re a one-person company or you employ several hundred, time is valuable; hence you must find alternatives to the way you do business and outsource some areas.

Our payroll management experts guarantee that you will save time by reducing the hours spent producing staff information, calculating deductions, tax and preparing payroll.

We liaise with the government authorities in remitting taxes on behalf of you, when the need arises.

Our objective is to make Payday easy for you.

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