The truth is that building an online audience these days is not all that easy as a result of online competition. I’m sure you’re not surprises I mentioned online completion here. is because millions of websites and blogs are created on daily basis all talking about similar topics, and it is not easy most times for new websites to rank high on Google search engine without  spinning your wheel vigorously.  Therefore effort must be made to exhume your website from the bottom of search engine to rank at least from the first 3 on Google search engine keywords if the objective of your online business must be achieved. For this reason the topic how guest blogging or posting can help you grow your online audience is brought to you.

What then is gust posting or gust blogging? By my definition, Guest posting or gust blogging means writing and publishing an articles on someone website or blog with the aim of building back links to your own website or blog.

There are few reasons why you should guest post if you have business website or blog:

Search engines Optimization

Increase your reach

Become an authority read more





Yes ! The Requirements are listed below:

  • Posts must be 850+ words
  • Must be written in English
  • Allowed 2 links in author bio
  • Allowed 1 links in post
  • No affiliate links allowed
  • Post images are allowed.
  • Authors reply to all comments on their post

Would you like to sign up?

  • Fill the Contact form(include what you’re going to write about)
  • Submit your article for review.
  • We will review your article and notify you if it has been accepted/rejected
  • Post will be published upon approval

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