Building an online audience these days is not all that easy as a result of online competition. I’m sure you’re not surprise that I mentioned online completion here.  This is because millions of websites and blogs which are created on daily basis offer similar topics/information/ services, and it is not easy most times for new websites to rank high on Google search engine without vigorously spinning the wheel.  Therefore efforts must be made to exhume your website from the bottom of search engine to rank at least the first 5 on Google search engine keywords if the objective of your online business must be achieved. For this reason, the topic “how guest blogging or posting can help you grow your online audience’’ is brought to you.

What then is guest posting or guest blogging? By my definition, Guest posting or guest blogging means writing and publishing an articles on other websites or blogs with the aim of building back links to your own website or blog.

It is important that business websites or blogs embrace guest posting because of the following reasons:

Search engines Optimization

Guest posting is still a helpful technique for site optimization in the sense that the guest blogger may include a link that will direct visitors to his blog/website in his post in someone’s blog. However, focus must be on the quality of the content and not just the links. How does this work? If your content is of good quality, over time back links will raise the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Increase your reach

Guest blogging will help you reach out to more people who would have not have contact with you or your blog. If you have quality contents in some other authority blogs, definitely the traffics from the authority site or blog will link back to your site, through this means you’re reaching out to many people and at the same time attracting traffics to your own website. Add value. Help people. Be patient and over time, you’ll win.

Become an authority

To become an authority in your niche means that you must have done some tremendous things others are yet to do or your contents are such that proffer solution to the problems most people have which distinguishes you from the rest. If your content is rich and informative, other bloggers would leverage from your content and would always refer back to your website as the originated source. This will go a long way in increasing your value and ranking in Google search engine.

You get comments and feedback on your work

Another way guest posting can help you is by getting you more comments and feedback to your website. From the various feedbacks received, you can see better what your readers are interested on and put more energy in doing things that will increase visitors and retain them.

You get new followers to your social media profiles

Guest posting can help you get more followers to your social media page like facebook and twitter. For example, when you guest blog on an authority website, you can generate traffic to your website and on viewing related articles on your website, would make them like your facebook page and follow your twitter handle.

Build relationship with other writers

Guest posting can help you build relationship with other bloggers and possibly build more links to your website. The whole thing about link building is to increase your website ranking on search engine.

How to Guest Post Successfully

Hopefully now you should see the benefits of guest posting. Now, how do you start?

While in theory, guest posting is as easy as writing a post for your own blog, there are some things you can do to ensure it’s a good use of your time and results in a successful outcome. Here is a quick rundown of the tasks required to get the most from guest posting:

  1. Draw up a shortlist of relevant websites
  2. Pitch those websites with your article ideas
  3. Write one or more articles
  4. Create an effective author bio with a link back to your site

As you can see, nothing is too complicated here.

So if you aren’t satisfied with your blog traffic and still not posting on other people’s blogs, you don’t have much to complain about. Start guest posting today, and see your influence grow.

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