In this short article, I would like to show you the secret of achieving whatever you want in life and it doesn’t matter what that is. The truth is that everything you think of is possible, the only impossibility that existed that I have ever seen is that which has not been conceived in our thought.

I have come across a lot of individuals whose thoughts and desires have always been on owning a business or starting up their entrepreneurship journey but ended up with nothing because of the fear of uncertainty. Although I said earlier that everything is possible but that nothing in life is still certain, there is always uncertainty in everything we do. But one thing is sure “the law of motion” an object never moves unless a force acting on it. In the same way, nothing works except you make it work. But it will be very wrong to conclude that a process or a thing doesn’t work when one has not tried.

It is practically impossible to achieve something you have never thought of, planned for or executed. On the other way round, if you have an idea and have plans on how to go about it then, the next step is to execute. Execution is one of the key factors to achieving whatever you wanted. Do you know that most men have missed their dream woman because of this problem “execution” nothing works except you make it work?

Okay, let assume that you have executed your plans, but does it end there? No, it doesn’t, in the execution process, there might be failures because of the system of approach, that is when the wrong approach is applied it could be wrong timing, improperly planning, poor financing etc., or knowledge-based problems caused by poor understanding of the system and more. Let assume that any of these highlighted problems caused failure in the execution process, should you just give up like that? No, you shouldn’t, there is where persistence comes in.

Nothing good comes easy, so you have to apply the principle of persistency. But this requires that you keep trying different methods to see what works and what doesn’t work. At this point, you continue trying and studying various principles of success in your endeavour. You can learn from trying and error or borrow success secrets from successful mentors.

Do you know about STEPHEN KING? Though may not be very popular.

Rejected by 30 publishers, one of who told him that “negative utopias” do not sell, rejected one of his most successful books, Carrie.

After so many rejections, King reportedly gave up and threw the manuscript in the bin. Luckily, his wife retrieved it and urged him to have another go.

He eventually published Carrie, and the rest is history.

I know you must have had about OPRAH WINFREY

Oprah was born into working-class poverty.

She was the daughter of a teenaged low-income mother and was pregnant at 14 (her son died shortly after birth).

Even after she scored a job in journalism, things weren’t always easy.

One of her first jobs in TV ended abruptly after the producer declared she was “unfit for television.”

Considering how far she has come, they must be eating their words.

The list continues. Now, you have no excuses, whether bad government or poor electricity or insecurity whatever you call it should not deter you from executing and remained determined to succeed.

I failed two good times when I was starting up my first business after I lost my job in 2013. I rented my first office at Egbeda after some months I couldn’t sustain it I left, next office I rented was at Surulere, which didn’t work out also. The story is long I will leave it for another day.

But just decide today to give it a shot you can never tell you can succeed at the first trial because of the availability of information at your fingertip.

You can’t undermine the power of execution and persistence, you know how many times Delilah tried to bring the world strongest man down Lol and on the other note how Jacob changed his story through the power of persistence, never give up until your aim is achieved. So this formula works for everything but lets us use it for good.

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