I want to show you one notable way you can beat competition doing business in Nigeria. In a study done, it was revealed that over 80% of start-ups fail during its first five years and this is due to several reasons.
These reasons may include, among others, improper planning, attitude, customer treatment and COMPETITION.

In virtually every business venture in the world, there is high competition.
In recent research on business ideas I had, I found out that there is none of these ideas that are not already in existence.
In a market where clothes are sold, you see hundreds of dealers and this is applicable to almost every industry.

So, the question, how do you beat the competition in your chosen business?
Well, there are several ways to beat the competition in every industry, but, the most effective is being REMARKABLE.

What does it mean to be remarkable?
To be remarkable means to stand out, have a product or commodity that stands out, have a system that stands out.
Something remarkable is worth noticing, worth talking about. Exceptional, New.
Starting out, you can start with a remarkable sales promotion that is unique and new to your target market.

A few years ago, Cocacola Nigeria had a sales promotion strategy whereby several names were written on different bottles.
People got crazy about it, buying several bottles so as to get a bottle that contained their names, that was REMARKABLE. This definitely increased their sales.

A few months later, a new company started in the same industry, with the name BIGI drinks.
Do you know what they did? If you are in Nigeria, you’ll probably be familiar with that name.
Their own winning strategy was to add an extra 20% to their product at no extra cost, and BOOM, they are up and running with the big boys in the industry.
And that is what I call REMARKABLE.

Normally, in an industry like the drinks and beverages in Nigeria, any new entrant was supposed to struggle with the competition but BIGI played their game well.
Being REMARKABLE might come with a few extra cost but it’s also profit spinning.
To this end, I implore you to be REMARKABLE, it’s like starting a football game 1-0 up, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Find your own version of being REMARKABLE and incorporate it into your business.
Get started today and never look back.
I love you all and hope to see you at the top.

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