Are you a teacher? and you want to remain relevant in a stiff competitive labour market or are you a proprietor and you want your school to grow rapidly, then invest in your teacher’s development on latest ICT skills and see wonders happening in your school.

This involves training on different aspects of ICT useful to education. Here are some of the training briefs:

1. ICT safety and Responsible use: This training covers the basics of how ICT can be responsibly used by both teachers and students. It offers tips for teachers to keep their classrooms safe, ways to handle cyber bullying and prevent pedophiles.

2. Effective Interactive White Board Tips: Making the most of the interactive whiteboard and not just as a projector screen. Using the gallery, timers, math resources and simple animations on the IWB.

3. Robotics for Inclusiveness in Mathematics and Sciences: Using LEGO robots for STEM activities, both as extra-curricular and in class teaching. LEGO robotics brings to life physics concepts such as pulleys, levers, speed, maths such as circumference, ratio, percentages and a lot of others. This training is ideal for ICT, math and science teachers.

4. Gamification as a Tool to Enhance Learning. Here teachers learn how to turn their lessons into fun filled activities that help the child understand concepts and recollect facts. Teachers will learn what ‘gamification’ means (it means to use game elements to enhance learning. Game elements such as winners, quests and scoreboards’), how to create their own games specific to the topic they are teaching and how to manage gamification in the class so it doesn’t get out of hand.

5. Educational uses of Powerpoint and Excel: Everybody these days has an idea of Powerpoint and Excel but not all teachers understand how to effectively deploy it to their classrooms to enhance learning and increase student engagement. This will cover things like advanced animations, power point tips, getting unique themes, seating charts in excel, and other functions.

6. Enhancing Creativity in Students: This covers tips on how teachers can encourage student creativity without taking out the flame of learning in their subjects. Teachers get tips on how to encourage critical thinking and creativity in students by means of questioning and activities. As an example if a student is musically inclined, he or she may need a teaching style that also encourages that talent. Success is diverse these days and not only limited to academic achievement. So how do teachers allow students pursue their natural talents and at the same time learn what they are supposed to? By enhancing student creativity.

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