There are many proven ways to make money on internet on daily basis but one out of them is SURE…and is working for Nigerians…

Information is just a potential power and until you make a rightful application of the information you have, you can’t be transformed.

Do you know that you can make at least 50USD that is 11,500 Naira on daily basis thus giving you 345,000 Naira every 30days just by doing affiliate marketing?

In case you don’t know I’m going to reveal this secret to you come.



I will teach you with proven steps how I have received payments into my bank account daily including weekends without owning a single product or shop.

What do you do with your computer? Is it just for typing and checking your social media networks? Wow! You’re missing real deals online… I will teach you how to make money using your laptop as your office …

Well , who is this person that I don’t even know telling me how to make money online!

Don’t worry I will introduce myself….my name is Charles CEO of SMEs MEDIA . I have being actively in the marketing field since 6years… I have invested in different courses on social media and internet marketing and think this is the right time to pass the knowledge.

I have been involved in many online businesses… some were successful while some failed… personally I don’t like bragging so I’m not an  internet marketer that will show his bank statement to the whole world … but if you want to see , then enroll on this programme.

Why am I inviting you? It is part of SMEs Media empowerment, and Internet marketing is very lucrative and wide that it can accommodate anyone with passion for internet marketing and it doesn’t get saturated like other business opportunities…. Therefore, we are out to help most Nigerians become online entrepreneurs.

How much is this live training?

The cost of acquiring this training is 50,000 Naira only and you can make this back within your first 30days if you keep to the rules but you can gain access with just  25000 Nairia promotional price, only pay at the venue. 30 days support money back guaranteed.

Who need to enroll?

Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Students and graduate etc

What do you need to start with?

Just come with your laptop, free internet facility is available so don’t worry about internet.

Where is the venue?

Is taking place at our office at Aguda Surulere Lagos and now in Aba Abia State Address and locations will be sent to only members.

How do I register now?!!!

Click on Register to fill in your name, email address, subject(Online Income Training), and brief intro…or email us at or  sms your name, email address, subject(Free Training), to 08025910090 sms only please.

SMEs 30-day-money-back-guarantee


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  1. Idris Bolaji says:

    I really appreciate this wonderful time i spent listening to the lecture.
    Its an avenue of job creation and to be self employed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    very good and educative site indeed. training is perfect and genuine, Smes is a site to visit. Kudos to the founder of Smes, more grease to the elbow of all and single administrative involved.
    thanks for the free training.

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