To those who are still in doubt of the possibility of making substantial income online in Nigeria without hassle, this publication should clear your doubt. The truth is that you can make as much as 100k to 300k monthly or more on online transactions working for yourself or still keep your paid job. Ask me how

Before I continue, I will like to take you to what researchers have said about online transaction in Nigeria on daily basis “Today, on average, the leading online stores achieve about $2 million worth of transactions per week (approximately N1.5bn per month).

The growth in the ecommerce space in Nigeria has been made possible by the activities of major online retailing platforms such as,, DealDey, WakaNow, zumamall,  RyteDeals,, among others. Read more….

Now I want to believe that this proven research has cleared your doubt a bit, now let me take you on the journey of how to make legitimate money online in Nigeria.


Step 1

Research-Do your personal research on what to sell online. This can be done by visiting major Nigerian’s online stores like konga, kaymu and jumia etc. All the items you see online belong to individuals like you and me; most of them do not have a shop or even own a single item. The first thing you will do is to search for FAST SELLING GOODs on the search box, you will see these options:







Select any of the option of your choice, let’s say you select babies, you will see this screen below:





Then click on any of the stores to see the number of orders it has received in a month and so on.

This is just an illustration; it does not mean you have to sell babies, No! there are lots of products that move faster than babies… such as accessories, home appliances, kitchen utensils, fashion, generators, physical fitness products etc.

Step 2

Search for a vendor– After deciding on what to sell online, visit some wholesalers in any of the popular markets of your choice, Alaba International Market, Computer village, importers etc. Negotiate on how you will deal in your transactions with them; this should not be an issue if you have your money to pay for the goods. Alternatively, develop a good business relationship and understanding with your suppliers. Reason is that online transactions are not cash and carry.

Better still, you can still start mini-importation of items you want to sell online in Nigeria as some do. Ooops! Don’t know how? Follow this link….Secrets On How To Start Mini importation

Step 3

Create online stores on konga, jumia, jiji, kaymu etc. and upload your products, the instructions on how to create a store and upload your products are clearly describe on each of the online stores.

Step 4

Start accepting orders as they roll in– when you have successfully uploaded your products online in the right categories, you will be receiving alert each time someone places order, therefore, always ensure that you accept each order if they’re available.  Pause any product in your online store if you do not have it or can’t source it anywhere to avoid erode your store reputation

Step 5

Deliver products at designated drop off point– you may receive order from Abuja or Port-Harcourt, you don’t need to travel that long to make delivery, simply move those items to online stores’ drop off point, they will receive it and deliver to the clients. After some days or after 1 month(depending on the policies of the online stores), the money will appear on your wallet and remain there until you decide to withdraw.

Step 6

Link your bank account to ease payment. I personally use konga and I think their system is cool, though every other online store in NIGERIA is equally good. Konga don’t pay cash, they transfer the proceed from each sales into your account whenever you want it as long as the money is in your wallet.

Other things you need to consider before selling in any of the online store is the commission charge per items /categories.

Online stores have helped SMEs in Nigeria tremendously in terms of sales volume and job creation. Therefore if you’re looking for additional source of income, consider online transaction; it really works. If you’re a small business owner and want to expand your reach by increased sales, this is also good for you.

Maybe you still need further guides on how to practically achieve this; you can contact us for help.

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