Today I want to talk about how to sell your products and services faster because of the important role marketing places in our businesses. Now, if you’re an entrepreneur by now you should have known that the major problem you have in business is selling. If you can sell! forget it, you’re on your way to having a success in business. No matter how fantastic a product is without selling there would be no income, and I’m sure you know that such a business is about collapsing.

I will like to classify products into two categories:

  1. Physical or tangible products: These are products you can see and touch, for example, home theater, television, cars etc
  2. Intangible products: These are products that we cannot touch, although we can see them or feel them, they’re not meant to be touched.

Tangible goods or products can also be classified further, however, I want to leave that for another day. My focus today will be on how you can sell your tangible products very fast and easily without spending much.

Before I continue, let me differentiate briefly the meaning of selling from marketing. Selling is an end product of a good marketing programme. When you have a good marketing programme in place selling becomes easy.

Marketing is all-encompassing,  mind you when we talk of marketing, it includes market research, products research, designs, production. Marketing also includes your promotion, advertisement, distribution channels and everything that has to be done to ensure selling takes place.

Every entrepreneur should be aware of these things because it will help you avoid lots of mistakes. Whether you manufacture your products by yourself or you imported them, you must have a good knowledge of the market, the products, and marketing.

Before you think of selling, do the following first:

  • Study the market:
  • Study the products
  • Apply the best marketing strategy

I want to let you know that each of the above factors is enough to form a complete topic on this subject matter. Is important to know your customers and who they are and why they should buy your products. For instance, my business comprises the two major types of products, tangible and intangible products. Who are my markets for the tangible goods which is the focus of the day and who are my markets for the intangible goods? I sell to Schools, training institution and organizations.  What is the aim or objective of schools and organization when buying my products? How could my products help schools and organizations meet their objective? I have to answer this questions in order to understand the best marketing tool, message, and medium to use in selling to them.

I must understand the products I’m selling very well irrespective of what I’m selling, this will help you to

  1. Present the benefits right before the customers
  2. Know the right channel to use, either social media, personal selling or paid ads.
  3. Increase product visibility through paid or sponsored programmes.

For you to sell a physical product very vast, you must let the target audience see the benefits of buying the product, should it be that you’re not the only one selling it, then add freebies to yours, write good copy and good product picture.

I have a friend of mine that sell ladies kinds of stuff, he sells what almost everyone is selling on the platforms where he sells them, but what stands him out has been his sales copy.

Create a personal blog or website for your product. Many think that since their products are published on Konga, Jiji or Jumia they have no need for having a products blog. In fact, if you want to make more money buying and selling, you have to be very creative. Write good articles about what you sell, you can refer people to your Konga or Jumia website for purchases.

You can sell on Whatsapp group or Whatsapp broadcast, create something different, it could be an irresistible offer, where you will ask people to join your Whatsapp group in order to be receiving new product alert from you. This works very nicely, as I said earlier, you must understand your customers so as to know how and where to reach them easily, and how frequent that should be.

Other platforms where you can sell faster are:




Jumia and

For more information, you can send me a private message on Whatsapp 08025910090

By Ozoemena O. Charles
COE Zuma Marketing Limited
and CEO and Publisher at
Zuma Marketing is a contemporary company that deals in audio-visual products and integration, modern teaching aids and educational resources. Since 2012, ZML has provided thousands of clients with reliable and cost-efficient technology solutions for their collaboration, presentation, and Educational needs.

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