This publication is important to those who want to venture into foodstuff exportation and as well as those in domestic market. Every state in Nigeria is endowed with one or more agricultural products and natural sources. Thinking of having your own brand in the market, you may need to start by identifying producers of those raw agricultural products (farmers) or traders in various local markets in different state. This will make it easy in terms of having a consistent supply chain.

Sourcing for Agro products

Every state has their own agricultural products with comparative advantage over others therefore your responsibility is to identify the particular product(s) you want to produce and the states where they can be found in large quantities, quality and best price. You may be surprised that each of the 36 states in Nigeria has more than one agricultural product they produce in large quantities.

The table below shows some states and what they produce:

          Agricultural Products
Abia Palm Oil Cassava      Cashew
Adamawa Maize Rice       Livestock
Bauchi Millet Rice       Livestock
Benue Rice Yam       Cassava
Jigawa Groundnut Rice       Livestock
Kaduna Ginger Maize       Rice
Kano Tomatoes Groundnut       Livestock
Sokoto Beans Sorghum       Leather product
Oyo Cocoa Palm Oil       Cassava
Niger Shea Nut Sorghum       Rice

How To Start A Mini Beans Processing Business

Every state has agricultural products they specialize on although few other agro products can also be found in a state as shown in the table above, but one out of all is produced in abundance which means each of the products in your product line can be sourced from different states. When you have done your research and find out the best state that produces what you want, then pitch your sourcing tent there. It is not necessary that you start buying in large quantity as a startup; start with the quantity your available resources can afford.

Process into finished or semi-finished products.

The next stage after you have secured a genuine supplier is to search for an established factory that can process and neatly package your products on contract basis at the best cost. Remember, you must employ the help of a professional graphics designer if you’re not good in designs that will help you in all your graphic works such as logo, letterhead, marketing materials, package etc.


Agricultural Products and their derivative Products:

Agro Produce Derivative Products
Cassava Cassava flour, Chips, Starch, Garri and Fufu
Palm Fruit Palm oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel cake
Rice Paddy Rice and Flour
Groundnut Groundnut oil, Groundnut cake and Fried Groundnut
Yam Yam flour and yam Chips
Maize Corn flour, starch and Livestock feed
Sorghum Sorghum flour, Syrup, Sorghum Brewers grain
Aquaculture Smoked fish and Fillet
Livestock Leather products, Poultry, Milk, Yoghurt, Butter and powder
Cocoa Cake, Butter, Powder
Shea Nut Shea Butter for cosmetics
Plantain Plantain Flour and Plantain Chips
Cashew Cashew Nut
Tomato Tomato paste and Tomato Ketchup


There are demands for processed food, nowadays; people no longer have the time for foods that require much work before they can be consumed. For instance, fufu can be processed and packaged into flour for easy preparation; grounded pepper, palm oil, crayfish, vegetables and livestock can be packaged and sold in supermarkets for convenience. Shoppers can then shop for all their commodity needs in one place.

How Food processing and packaging Can Make You A Millionaire?


At this stage it is assumed that you have a product therefore you need returns on the investment. Irrespective of the quantity you started with, you need buyers in order to continue in business but before you do that, it is paramount you go for NAFDAC registration in order to avoid infringement if it is a consumable product. Once this is achieved, you can confidently market your products and use all the necessary marketing tools and medium within your reach to create awareness about your brand.

Creating a good image about your brand and company click to read it …  

If your dream and aspiration fall in line with this publication you need not wait too long before starting up. There is no harm in trying; there is no harm in failing which is a characteristic of learning how to work. The moment you make a move towards starting your dream business, the fear of failure will be conquered. You can start producing processed foods for family consumption and expand to friends and relatives if the passion is there.




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