Over 101 exclusive business ideas including the best method of starting up your business and be your own boss!

A man stumbled on one of my publications a few months ago and became interested in a particular topic on a business idea one can do while keeping his pay job.

It is obvious that over 120,000 people lost their job last year due to some reasons attributed to an economic downturn, technology and government policies The Nation newspaper report click here for detail>>>.

You do not need to rely on your certificate alone to survive in an economy like Nigeria. Think of what you can start doing for yourself today apart from your pay job.

Over 101 business ideas and opportunities, you can start today starting with capital as little as 50,000 to 10,000 Naira published …you can find them inside this eBook and everything you need to know on how you can start immediately … even without affecting your present job.

Capital has been accused of as an inhibiting factor that stops many from startup their business, there are over 20 businesses you can start with 50000 Naira only and grow it into millions of Naira within space of time, maybe your ideal business plan or idea runs into millions that is not a problem…what if you’re shown where and how you can attract foreign investors who’re ever ready to invest in any profitable business idea just like Konga.com, Jumia.com and other successful businesses had done? Over six companies listed inside this book where you can apply for capital to start up your business…the process is fully detailed to guide you.

Although nothing is wrong to work for the fellow man that has made it before you… but everything is wrong when one’s life depends solely on the salary and most time is at the mercy of the employer…

In fact, almost everyone needs to work in a corporate environment for the purpose of mastering work etiquette and at the same time raise some money, but this is not usually the case…

Becoming an entrepreneur could be very demanding but at the same time fascinating.

I’m optimistic that 2022 will be a favourable year but for people that prepared for it. As people always say, he that fails to plan plans to fail. A stitch in time saves nine, what one does not know can hurt him… make hay while sunshine…

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How To Start & Grow Your Business While In a Full-Time Job Plus 101 Business Ideas you can choose from.

I started my first business in my second year in university in 2005, then I used to come to Lagos to buy stuff which I was reselling to lecturers and to students. I started my first blog during my first job using my free time, after some time I incorporated my first business as a limited liability company.

Do you know what happened within my combine five to eight years working as a marketing executive in a publishing company? You won’t believe it… wisdom is profitable to direct…

Every action I have taken is as a result of books I have read. Very little investment you will make can redirect your step to success and open your eye to new opportunities.

Everything you need to know on how to effectively start and run a successful business irrespective of the size and nature is adumbrated in this book such as:


After going through this book and you’re not satisfied with it please do not hesitate to ask for your money!

money-back guaranteed

Upon payment, a copy will be sent to your preferred email address.

This article was first published in the year 2015 and, i want to believe that it still helpful to you today.

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