There is no rule of thumb that shows when an entrepreneur should quit the scene or fold the business. Many successful entrepreneurs have their own side of success stories. In fact the reason why we have more employees and job seekers than entrepreneurs all around us is because there are more fearful people who fear for failure, who fear for making errors, who fear for rejection and some even fear for losing their job.

At a point in every entrepreneur’s life, there is always a time they will want to quit and go back to their pay job but they wouldn’t. You may ask what of when an entrepreneur goes bankrupt, what would he do? A lot of entrepreneurs had faced this situation, even to the extent of going into huge debt. But one thing that keeps an entrepreneur going is intrinsic not extrinsic. The extrinsic sees the huge debt, high bills and unfriendly business environment while the intrinsic sees the possibilities trying one more time and keeps trying because he believes he can.

The attached file is the story of Ayodeji Megbope the CEO of no left over, this woman quit her job to start business with just 10USD now she has grown to 16 thousand USD a month.

Most of the strong words used by entrepreneurs is “I can do it, we can it, it is possible, it’s achievable and i will make it.

Are you an entrepreneur? are you having doubt whether to close up the business for a paid job, you can still make it if you have the faith in you. The best time to quit entrepreneurship scene is not when there is no money, or when things are difficult or when you’re indebted; it is when you stop believing, when faith has left you and you lost the joy and happiness in what you’re doing. One of the secret of most successful people is that they love what their work.

In as much as you believe in what you’re doing, keep going, keep researching and learning. Most successful people in the world failed many times before they hit success. It does not matter how many times you fail while trying to get it right.

But the moment you lost faith, discouragement sets in, everything becomes so annoying to you and this could be a clear evidence to quit the scene and look for something else.


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