Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufai, has said that the introduction of modern teaching-aids in classrooms  will enhance teachers’ effectiveness and students’ responsiveness. Rufai, in her keynote address delivered by Mrs. Mobolaji Borha at the EduSoft Associates’ maiden workshop on enhancing schools pass rate, said “Modern teaching aids, rather than replacing the teachers, assist them in becoming more effective and students more responsive.

These solutions, according to her, will act as very good support for teachers, regarding lessons and teaching aids. Education minister, Ruqayyatu Rufai Solutions such as Abacus and Speed Mathematics, as well as Smartclass and Edumate, have the potential of transforming Nigeria’s education system, making it more responsive to the needs of stakeholders. This was the general consensus of participants at the workshop themed “Implementing best-in-class solutions for enhancing schools pass rate” organised by EduSoft Associates, in partnership with Educomp Solutions Nigeria. Mrs. Adedoyin Isreal, Head Teacher, Heyday School, FESTAC, Lagos, who is already implementing some of these solutions, during the panel discussion, said, “Abacus and Speed Mathematics as well as some of these other solutions are geared towards enhancing the ability of students to be globally competitive.

The solutions do not add or subtract from the approved curricula: they enhance the global competitiveness of our students.” Mr. Badri Prasad, Director, Operations, EduSoft Associates, said  the major objective of the workshop was to facilitate the introduction of solutions that have been adopted in other countries with impressive results, to schools in Nigeria, starting with Lagos State. “With schools struggling to enhance the pass rate of their students in general examinations, adopting solutions that complement the general curriculum and importantly, making learning a thing of joy, thereby boosting students’ confidence will go a long way in preparing students for examinations and ultimately for highly rewarding careers.

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We also partnered with Educomp Nigeria to showcase its Smartclass solutions, which is especially important with the rapid growth in information and communications technology in Nigeria, and the role technology plays in bringing hitherto complex subjects and topics to life, engendering greater participation of students in learning,” added Prasad. Mr. Shantaram Hegdekatte, CEO of Educomp Solutions, Africa, owners of Smartclass and Edumate brands, said that teaching methods have shifted from teacher-led to learner-led, where the emphasis is on enhancing the ability of teachers to be more effective in assisting students comprehend what they are being taught. The solutions empower teachers to better engage with their students, thereby ensuring that lessons are tailored to the needs of individual students, this is in addition to bringing hitherto complex subjects to live through 2D and 3D images. “

These solutions are being implemented in Rivers State Millennium schools and we have experienced remarkable interest on the part of the students to learn. The solutions make learning interesting for both the teachers and students,” he added. Mr. Varrier Devesh, Director of Training, EduSoft Associates, said that the workshop will be taken round different communities in Nigeria. “We are eager to demonstrate how modern teaching aids and solutions enhance the education system, help proprietors make their schools more competitive, and parents derive more value from the resources they expend on the education of their wards.
Originally posted by The Vanguards ON MARCH 14, 2013

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