Consultancy Mobile App Have you consider developing app for consultation market. Information is a potential power as people say, there is need for information all over, information on health, food, money, jobs, travelling, startups businesses, services, marketing, opportunities etc it is possible to have an app that collects relevant information where users can ask anything in regards to market the app serve, and get the right answer.  Suppose I know app that can help me collect information about people or companies that make use of the services or products I’m selling, that will help me tailor my marketing effort towards these groups of organization or people, of course I will download it because It will help to reduce cost of advert and enable me design messages that will appeal my customers, reach out to them on time and easily develop new customers too.

Secondly, I know very well that people pay as much as fifty thousand naira to attend one day seminar on business related issues, such as objective handling, customer care/services, importation and exportation etc. If one have mobile app that provides all the information this market needs, it will record millions of downloads within a short period of time.

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Assuming you want to start oil business, what you will just do is to tap the app on your mobile phone, type in your question” How can I become oil marketer” The app pushes the question to processing room, if the question have not been asked before you will gather all the fact about this business and return the answer to the questioner and the answer will be automatically stored in the app cloud should anyone ask similar question anytime.

Some people may have challenges selling their products in international market; they can just ask “where can I sell my products in US? etc. The app can be customized to suit individual download needs for information.

What you need to do?

  • You need research to select a target market to serve because information market is too large. Look for information people are ready to pay for.
  • Get group of advisors that will take challenging questions from the target market.
  • Draw your business plan
  • Develop your app
  • Publish it on Google app store.

Now you’re a business owner, you still have more work to do apps needs continuous improvement and update, therefore keep researching to make sure continuous patronage.



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