I just want to give you a brief highlight on how to start a profitable agribusiness in Nigeria with a small capital and grow into a multi-millionaire within a space of four months, yes! I said within a space of just four months. I’m not wasting your time here with long stories and with little information.

Do you know that FISH HATCHERY is one of most profitable business that has the capacity to turn a poor farmer into a millionaire within a couple of four months? Yes! I have a substantial evidence to back up this claim. We have done our research and come up with few businesses majorly in the agro sector of which one can invest today and be rest assured that his tomorrow is secured.

If you’re thinking of any cool business to do that requires low capital investment with high returns in your investment within a couple of months, this is it. As we all know, fish farming has been bastardised in Nigeria due to false information given by half-baked instructors without any formal or professional training.

 What you need to know about this business

How to Make A killing from Micro Production of Liquid Soap

Step 1- Knowing the available species

One of most important aspect of this business is to know the species to buy. Many people have had their fingers burnt as a result of buying wrong species and this results to high rate of mortality. This experience makes them critics of fish hatchery business. The secret is just to get the best species e. g  “boo stocks” is one of the best species ever. With this specie coupled with the instruction that will be given to you, your first income will be in 1000% returns on investment. I know you will like to know what it will cost to start this business.

 Step 2- Knowing the Right Application of Antibiotics

You must know the right antibiotics to use and when to apply them otherwise you’re not ready to start business. Wrong application of antibiotic can exterminate your fishes in one day.

Step 3- Knowing the Right Feed

Knowing the right feed is another indispensable part of this business i. e.  the type of feeds to be given and at what stage it is to be given.

Step 4- Cost of the business

This is usually where most people get it wrong; do you know that you can set up fish Hatchery business with just five hundred thousand naira (N500, 000)? Yeah for a small scale farm, though this will make you a millionaire within few months of commencement if the right steps are taken.

Below is the financial analysis:

Rearing snail is simple and cheap –Okhiria, Director, SnailCare Farm

N 100,000.00 for the boo-stocks, anti-biotic and feeds.

N 300,000.00 for the Hatchery pond and fish pond.

With this, 20,000 pieces of fingerlings can be hatched in three days, sold within one week with revenue running to millions.

But the truth is that you cannot get all the necessary information that will make you a successful business man or woman online, there are secrets behind every success and that is “getting quality and accurate information on time” as it has been put together here.

Now the question is”

Do you want to run a successful fish hatchery farm?

Do you want to be a millionaire?

Do you have empty space in the city or remote village?

If your answer is Yes, then you need a friend to take you by hand and show how to become a millionaire and a successful agribusiness man by this way you will never have any cause to regret.

You can get trained on Fish farming/Fish hatchery, Chicks farming/Chicks hatchery, Snail farming/Snail hatchery, Poultry setup, Feed formulation, Antibiotic administration. There are just few hatchery professionals in Nigeria and they’re not willing to review this secret to anybody for any price.

This is a one time opportunity to become a professional in agribusiness and stand as an authority in the business. For more information CALL +234 (0) 091039335. Considering the present state of the economy, farming become the most promising occupation anyone can venture into, even as an organisation, institution and government bodies should think agribusiness.


Written by Francis and Charles

Francis is a Senior Farm Consultant at Wecan Multipurpose cooperative Society limited and Charles is a publisher at smesmedia and CMO Zuma Marketing Limited.


For more information contact us at info@wecancoop.com or info@smesmedia.com


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