Before you attend the next seminar on foodstuff exportation, I would like you to do this! I will be precise as possible as I wouldn’t want to waste much time in this topic.

For those who have shown much interest in exporting foodstuffs abroad this publication is a must read. I have been receiving mails from people seeking for assistance to startup foodstuff exportation business. The truth of the matter is that there is no easy way to start exporting foods in Nigeria without following the due process.

The first thing to do is to decide on the type of foodstuff to deal in. Every food items in Nigeria is sellable abroad but you must define your goal. How do you define your goal? Know what you want and how to get it, then when to get it done. If you really want to export foodstuffs, the best ways to start is by establishing a foodstuffs store in your home country or state then operate it as a normal business, have a process, procedure and policy in place and train your staff if you’re not the one in charge of daily operation. This will help you know the nature and trend of the foodstuff market such as the basic 4ps- the product, price, place and promotion.

How To Export Foodstuffs From Nigeria To Abroad

It is important you have good knowledge of the products and their prices both home and abroad, the best place to source them and distribute them and the promotion such as the packaging and marketing techniques.

Having put in place these necessary measures, you can now talk of having your own brand i.e. packaging the foodstuffs with your brand name and logo having NAFDAC registration number clearly printed on the package. At this point your brand can be distributed to selected distributors for circulation.

Before you spend money on the next seminar make sure you’re already in business, it does not matter how small your business is at the moment the most important thing is where you’re going (your vision).

Create a mini website for your business and also sell your brand on popular Nigerian online stores such as jumia, dealday, naijabay and konga; this will help to increase your brand popularity.

All these processes should not take more than 6 months to achieve for someone who really want to start exporting foodstuff abroad. Experience is greater than any amount of seminar you want to attend. We are not disputing the fact that you need to attend seminars at least periodically to help you acquaint with the current development within your environment. If you’re already into the business and know the best place to source products and the best factory to process and package them for domestic consumption, then you can talk of attending seminar to enable you know about international market arena and its structure.

How To FInd Genuine International customers

Remember, while designing your package it must meet the international standard.

We have series of seminars coming up next year on foodstuffs exportation and other skill acquisition programs and our concern is mainly on helping our readers and followers succeed this coming year.



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  1. Actually,I ve registered my company with cac and we wont to go into food export .I am glad to have your ideas on the stuff from internet I need more of it from you.
    From kolawole from Lagos ( Detunko Global Nig Ltd )

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