There two steps or system you can adopt to prevent spam from your WorlPress website.

One is to manually review and approve each comment before publishing. Spam comments and new registration spam are very common on WordPress site and if not controlled can erode your reputation.

Secondly install antivirus in your website. This is another great way to automatically prevent comments spam from your website. There are various anti spam software available which you can use to achieve this purpose, this will be discussed on this publication

Below are some of the steps you can apply as discussed

Step 1

Manually approve comments

Configure Your WordPress Discussion Settings

Check if your discussion settings are correct;

Follow this link  (i.e.

You will see this page

Untitled edit A full proof way of stopping comment spam is to manually approve every comment. I use this system as well although time consuming and the discussion is held up until you manually approve each comment, good for bloggers.


Untitled edit 1A more practical solution is to manually approve the first comment of a person. This works well as it allows you to review each commenter and once they are approved, their comments will be published automatically. You can still set it in such way that even when the first comment is approved it will not automatically approve the second comment from the same commenter until you approve it; all depends on what you want to achieve.  It is an effective solution as spammers rarely take the time to write a good comment; therefore their attempt at publishing a link in your comment area can be stopped easily.

You can also place any comments with links directly into the moderation queue. Comments can also be marked as spam automatically if they contain any banned words you specify in your blacklist.

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In addition, in order to allow people to sign up for an account, you have to enable member’s registration but use captch form to prevent fake users.

Although captcha forms reduce registration spam, alternatively, you can still disable public registration by clicking this link unless you need to enable public comments and contributions for sites like forum or membership website or subscription page.  You can continue to create accounts manually for contributors, authors, and editors.

I recommend adjusting your discussion settings to suit your own preference to fighting spam. If you want to ensure that no spam ever gets through, you can manually approve every comment.

Step 2

Anti spam Virus

One of the software commonly use by WordPress website users is Akismet;

akismetThough while installing plugin make sure that you configure your discussion settings correctly. After acquiring a key from the Akismet website, the plugin will start protecting your website from spam comments. Akismet checks every comment that is submitted to your website against their spam database. If a comment looks like spam, it will be placed in your spam folder. Although plugin does not guaranteed 100% accuracy, occasionally, positive comments can be retained in spam folder, which you can mark them as “Not Spam just as you can mark spam comments that slipped through as “Spam. The number of approved comments for each commenter can be displayed next to their names to help you moderate comments more effectively, this helps to detect and delete spam automatically.

In the Akismet settings page, you will see details of how effective the plugin has been at catching spam comments. In most cases, Akismet has an accuracy rating over 99.5%. The high rate of success is the reason why millions of website owners use it to prevent spam.

Other Anti-Spam Solutions online are listed below:

WordPress Simple Firewall – An Akismet replacement that catches human spam and blocks spam from bots.

WP Anti Spam – Has some unique spam prevention tools such as a word count limit and an option of marking comments without Gravatars as spam.

SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – Adds a captcha form to your comment form, registration form, and login form.

AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter – Allows you to add a captcha form to your forms and adds many anti-spam filters to reduce automated spam.

Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam – Force commenters to identify an image before submitting a comment.

Stop! You Never Have To Fight Comment Spam Again – An anti-spam plugin that catches most spam automatically and allows blocking by continent and by country.


Two other useful plugins worth checking out are WPCommentCleaner andWPDBTotalCleaner. By installing one of these plugins, you can quickly delete spam comments and unapproved comments from your database. This can greatly reduce the size of your WordPress database if it has a lot of spam comments. Therefore, your website will be more efficient and run a little quicker.

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