Yeah, you want to know my side hustle? Ok, Im going to be frank with you because I know you need this as much as I do. What else can I do to make some cash to augment the normal monthly thing was a question that obsessed my mind a few years ago. I have to carry out some research with my friend whose name is also Frank. Then we started mini importation business, I started with an importation of Tablets, watches and clothing materials and I was selling to my bosses and my colleagues in my office then. I was making cool cash while on the Job. Fortunately, my side hustle started giving me better income than the regular job. Then we expanded our customer base by selling our products on Konga and Jumia, now we have our own e-commerce site and still expanding.

By: Charley


My life revolves around side hustles. Some successful, some not so much. The latest I started in May 2017 and have had great success to date!

I came across a unique and interesting product so I purchased one. I was disappointed with the quality and design. My wife and I are both designers by trade so we decided to design our own. I began researching and sourcing manufacturers created a new design, built out a website & social media accounts. Within a couple months we had our 1st product designed, manufactured, and delivered to our doorstep.

Our startup costs we significantly more than I would usually risk on a new venture, running just under $4,000. Luckily the work has paid off. We are now on the 1st page of google for many relevant search terms, partnered with some high traffic websites, and we’ve sold over 600 scratch-off maps in a relatively short time.

By: Chris Zink


My side hustle is Amazon selling, and I make $60K-$80K a year in profits. It’s quite a high number for a side hustle, but let me explain.

When I started this business, I started with $500 because that’s all I had. I had to make something out of it because I was tired of working a terrible job and needed to find other sources of income so I could either quit that job or take fewer shifts. Fast forward a few years, and I’m on track to do my first six-figure year by the end of 2017. At first, it felt like I was making a quick flip and it would be over soon. But I’ve validated this method, and I can’t express how amazing it feels.

I didn’t grow up rich, and it was quite a struggle financially my entire childhood. I write about this a bit more in my small Quora blog. Growing up; I always followed Larry Ellison’s quote. “I have had all of the disadvantages required for success.” And so I think a lot of people fall into this category but just don’t know where to look for success.

The way I operate this business is straightforward. For example, I buy a $20 nerf gun from Walmart or a distributor. Usually, these items that I flip are on clearance. This same nerf gun sells on Amazon for anywhere between $50-$100. Scaling this is simple since thousands of items go on sale and clearance every week. Things like cookware, clothing, toys and just about anything that sells on Amazon. I know this sounds like an elementary idea but these same basic ideas go onto make millions. Look at Post-it notes or the Snuggie.

By: Maria Henson, Operation Manager at Web Development


I am a work from home single dad. Side hustling as a coordinator or sales/marketing agent for anything I find interesting. LOL. Give me anything and I will sell it.

I hustle at home by being a mom and a dad and working, earning through passive income with the help of my computer (sometimes with my mobile phone) and a little investment. Me and my kids arr not just surviving, I am able to pay everything in cash and pay bills on time, not yet debt free but getting there.

What do I do and How do I do it?

Just set a target for yourself.

Goal: How much you want to achieve? When will you stop? Why do you want to do/achieve it?

As for me, I want to retire at the age of 40–45. The rest of my time will be just for resting and quality time with my kids or maybe grandkids. Whilst earning through passive income. Where am I currently investing? I am an investor with several cryptocurrency platforms. Well, I don’t want to get left behind. LOL. Bitcoin has been considered by many the currency of the next generation because of it’s anonymity and value. Today, it is currently worth well over 100$USD, and will probably keep uprising. It can be used just like real money, but it’s all inside your computers! With its price, you can buy anything from a hard drive all the way to a house, so you can see how this currency is being used by everyone in everything! Digital Currency (Bitconnect)Is The Future and will continue to boom as predicted by the experts. I have been getting a good amount from it with the guidance of the DigitalCurrencyGuyHe’s been a great mentor to me, helped me since I started investing. I bought my 1st coins with Coinbase. Another great storage is the real wallet. I have nothing to lose now. I would rather invest my money than let it sleep in the bank not even beating the rate of inflation.

Nick Stokes

Here are few other side hustles you can engage in:

  1. Book publishing
  2. Real estate investing
  3. Internet marketing (Digital Marketing skill is a plus)
  4. Strategic consulting (Knowledgebase)
  5. Real estate sales/team management
  6. Cryptocurrency mining
  7. Coaching
  8. Property management

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