Almost everybody get stuck in situations at a particular time and looks for ways to get themselves out.

When you are talking with a prospect and they wants you off their ass, their biggest and most common excuse is, “let me think about it, I’ll get back to you” and when someone tells you this, most times than non, they never get back to you because it’s just an excuse to get rid of you disturbing them.

So what do you do in this kind of situations?

There are two ways to this, first, when you are making a call through to a prospective client or having a meeting with them, before you place your offer before them, tell them this; Mr. Client, I am placing a very good offer before you and in situations like this, there is mostly three types of responses, it’s either a Yes, which I’ll love to get from you or a No, which i would take with good gate if you tell me or I’ll get back to you, which I won’t want you to say. So I’ll love to get a Yes or No response from you.

The second approach however, Hicham I likes more and is more diplomatic is that after you’ve proposed your offer and the client tells you I’ll get back to you, tell them calmly and with a smile; “I’ve been in business for a while now and I know when someone says I’ll get back to you it’s either the person doesn’t have enough cash to close the deal or does not see the value in it”

So find out the reason he’s not buying immediately, if it’s money, try to get him an alternative or discount and if he doesn’t see the value in your product, try to make him see it.

Hope this helps you to close more deals and sell more of your commodity.

Comment your thoughts below.

See you guys at the top, I love you.

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