Firstly, I want to sincerely wish myself a happy birthday, sound health, prosperity, love and peace and to all those born in the month of February… great people, loving guys to be with. Please don’t be jealous if you’re not within this circle.

It is good to know that time waits for nobody, time is one of the most serious things ever on earth; it keeps ticking night and day, never resting or waiting for a minute. To us, time is too precious and need to be well managed. Well, I’m glad I didn’t realize this fact too late in my life.

My name is Ozoemena O. Charles (A.k.a) Father father; a business blogger, founder; BGM and Digital Marketing Manager at Zuma Marketing Limited and Today is my birthday and I am very much happy to be here and would want to share this piece of cake with you, hope you will enjoy it.

Do you know what? I have something special for you here just read on!

I remembered when I was in my father’s house as a young boy eating three square meals on daily basis sometimes four, playing football in the village with my homeboys, playing under the moonlight, playing with my daddy’s radio which sometimes I will lose it and wouldn’t be able to couple it. Cassette was my favorite toy, I will open the cartridge, use the tape for measurement and won’t be able to put it back, mind you, I was always being punished for that.

Then, life was all about dreaming, wishing to be a great person in life, seeing myself driving big cars and building mansions. Sometimes, I used to think if I will ever fly on air because as a child, my perception about the airplane is a little bird flying over my father’s compound millions of miles away with a scaring booming sound.

Back then in secondary school days, my friends use to call me a nickname “father” and over 80% of my classmates then do not know my real name, everybody calls me “father father” and you know what? I never knew where they got the name from. Some of them will ask why am I answering father, and  I had to throw the question back to them, why do you call me father? ?

Then in secondary school, we use to share our dreams, that is what each of us will like to be, how many children we would like to have and so on… ? I just observed a minute silence to those of my classmates then that are no more on the race, may their soul rest in peace, Amen.

Can you still remember your career dream back in secondary school days? I use to dream of becoming a lawyer because my friends in secondary school usually tell me that I have the qualities of a lawyer so I fell in love with the career. Some of them said doctors, captain; footballers etc I can’t give an account of them now I believe some would have their career dreams come alive while some won’t just like me.

Sometimes, when we share our future family plans and guess what? I use to tell my friends that I would have one thousand and five (1005) children, everyone will shout ‘haaaaaaaa father how do you want to achieve  that!’ The truth is that I love a big family, and I  wish to have one, therefore I have decided that in my lifetime, I will have a big home for the less privileged where at least I will train not less than one thousand children as though they were my biological children by giving them a home,  good education and a quality life. That’s my big dream.

I really enjoyed secondary school days that even when I finished and was waiting for admission to the university, most times I feel like going back to secondary school… but time never moves in a backward direction.

I thank God I never went back to secondary school then, a few months later I got admission into high institution, luckily two of my good friends from the same secondary school( Obinna Elemchukwu now a police officer and Uzoma Bartholomew who is now abroad) were admitted into the same school that same year though  we were in different departments. These two guys were wonderful friends to me; they accommodated me in the first one year without taking a kobo from me. We lived together and trust me they don’t know my real name! Therein our school hostel, they called my father and you know what? Everyone then calls me ‘father’ even my course mates.

During my stay in the high institution, I made lots of wonderful people, some were an inspiration to me and they never knew. I loved each of my course mates then; they were just good guys, powerful marketers, and great thinkers. Thank God for social media that I can still see some of their faces. I just want to mention few of them here in the person of Chinedu Nwosu my man a.k.a Biggy, Uzorem Emeka a.k.a Alakala, Ebere my girlfriend Lol, Martins the presido, Kalu, Rosemary Alota, Faith, Vicky etc. You guys were an inspiration to me. I can’t forget Chapel of Grace and Pastor Nnaemeka.

I will not forget some of them that are no longer in the race, it was a painful exit for Miss Blessing who died in an auto crash during our youth service year she was a beautiful dark lady, may God grant you a perfect rest. Also, a.k.a National chairman, I don’t know his real name, but he was a vibrant and intelligent handsome guy. He was involved in an auto crash and couldn’t work again, my prayers go for you bro wherever you are now. What a world of uncertainty!

Life is in stages and in each of the stages, we meet a different set of people, and one thing God has blessed me with is that I meet great people at each stage of my life. My life at Youth Corps was just another beautiful experience. I can’t forget Shanga L.G.A in kebbi State where I served, the experience and the impact we had on each other during our service year. How we survived in a dry land and were able to start the first business center ever in that whole community, create favorable ambiance for ourselves. Great guys like Taiwo aka TT the poet and drummer, Josephine the CLO and Mammo, Ola, Gift, Prince, Chioma, Caroline, Ovolvo the upland guy etc. you guys were wonderful. Josephine, you were the first Corp member that started a business in the coppers’ lodge. I used to like your doughnut and chilled drinks, the great lady of valor.

Mmmmmh!!! This writes up will not be complete without mentioning your name “GRACE”, one and an only angel of my life. You brought joy, happiness, and fulfillment to me. People usually say that ‘’no one is perfect’’, to them the statement could be right, but to me, you’re just a perfect woman to me. I was an employee when I married you but today we have our own small business building our own empire and you have been a wonderful person behind my little success. I just want to say “I love you”, You’re the best thing that happened to me. My love also goes to our sons ‘Goodnews and Goodluck’, handsome and energetic happy boys, God will keep you boys under His perfect Love and care until you become great men in life. I shall live to see that. Amen!

Now to my new friends in life cadre, my shout out goes to you guys in the person of Frank Ngozika Nwiro the chief blogger and CEO Alcofrancco group of company and, Prince now in USA and lots of other guys that were like brothers to me, men of unquestionable character. Good names are better than ointment. I can go on and on but time will not permit me. Life could be worth living if we can recognize and appreciate God for our little achievement and endeavors. Life is a race and is also a good teacher. What has life taught you within your space? What do you have to share with friends and loved ones? Do you have reason to be glad? Sometimes, we tend to focus more on things we have not achieved leaving behind things God had helped us to accomplish.

These days, we hear young guys talking about fast lane wanting to make it big within the shortest time possible, that is not a bad ambition but the means to that end is what is questionable. One thing is sure and that is the law of sowing and reaping cannot fail. Bros, you cannot reap where you didn’t sow; dreaming for that will push you into the fastest lane in life which could be dangerous. Dream of leaving a legacy behind, be positive and focused…. someday you will be proud to tell a story to the next generation.

Considering where I was and where I am right now, I can see progress. I’m not yet where I want to be but I’m in the race making progress by His Grace. When I was a boy my friends call me father, but today I’m the real father my friends used to call me and I’m proud to say that I’m a father to my Children and a loving husband to my beautiful Queen.

Friends!, One thing that keeps me going is to focus on those things God has to help me achieve, each time I remember where I was and where I’m now and where I’m going, my inner strength is been renewed, Hope springs up in me and I know that having good plans, sound mind and love for each other, nothing can stop us from reaching our end goal.

Do you realize that each time you spend thinking on what you don’t have yet, you may likely end up not seeing reasons to appreciate God and that can make you end up despaired, despondent and even confused?

To those of my friends that lost their jobs during the worst economic recession that hit our country, I want to encourage you to remain resolute and resilient. Life is never unfair to anyone but only circumstances have always been uncertain. According to Shakespeare “there is a divinity that shapes our end and rough-hewed it how we will”. Your best is yet to come.

You know what? I have a dream for Nigeria our dear country which I want to share with you:

I believe that one day Nigeria will have a stable power supply: and that is true, Something will happen and all those that have kept us in darkness will be separated and Nigeria will see light again.

I can see a Nigeria that will have an efficient transportation system, where rail will connect all the 36 states of the federation with the best speed train applying on them. This will open up businesses, linkup industries and make life more meaningful for the masses. And our roads will last for us.

One day Nigerian water corporation will wake up! And embrace responsibility and make sure every street in the city and urban area will have a treated and steady water supply.

One day the Nigerian education system will become the best in Africa. Where our people will pass out from school as graduates and prefer to create jobs than to be modern-day slaves.

A time shall come and is now! when we will have a new crop of selfless leaders who will rather give all they have to this country,  than taking all we have to themselves.

I can see a Nigeria where industries are springing up from all the 36 states of the federation whereby creating jobs sufficient enough to employ our youths.

Very soon you will see a Nigeria where the government will provide housing for the citizen as done in other countries of the world…we have the resource to achieve this. A time will come when we will have a security system that will protect lives and properties and respect and value the lives of taxpayers.

By the time all these dreams would come to pass which I know is very near, Nigerians all over the world will wish to return to their fatherland because no place will be like home.  You see, I have more dreams but let me stop here and enjoy myself. Let patiently wait for these dreams come alive, then we shall discuss others.

Thank you very much for reading.

Finally just wish me a happy birthday and thanks to you for taking out time to read this article to the conclusion.

I love you all.

By Ozoemena O. Charles
CMO and Digital Marketing Consultant @ Zuma Marketing Limited. CEO and publisher at
Zuma Marketing is a contemporary company that deals in audio-visual products and integration, modern teaching aids and educational resources. Since 2012, ZML has provided thousands of clients with reliable and cost-efficient technology solutions for their collaboration, presentation, and Educational needs.


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