Do you want to be rich? if yes! then this business opportunity can make you very rich. Well, this is one opportunity anyone looking for ways to make money quickly should embrace. Do you have anything for sell? if your answer is no, then how do you want

Let me ask you another question, do you have anything for sell? if your answer is no, then how do you want to make money, you must have something to sell for the exchange of money. For example, what is the secret of the African richest man? he has what every family wants. For those who want to be like him, this opportunity is for you.

Do you know that China produces almost all the products the whole world uses today; including for America, UK, France, etc?
China produces iPhones, Blackberry phones, Samsung phones, infinix, injoor, oppo phones, just name it. If u wants to buy quality things from China, don’t buy the ones specially made for Nigerians; buy the ones China made for their Chinese market or the ones they made for America, Europe, Australia, etc. why? because they’re manufactured to meet ISO. 

Preparation for startup, things you need to know

Most of the things you see in Dubai is produced by China for Dubai market. China has taken over the world market due to their fast-growing technology prowess. Now you need to tap into this Chinese global market domination to make some money for yourself and for your future.

How? by becoming a mini importer of products from china to Nigeria. How can u do that? Just read on. We have helped so many Nigerians learn how to start buying quality things from china and re-sell in Nigeria for profit.
We have a warehouse in China and we also have two warehouses in Lagos; one is a small pickup station (at Oshodi/Mafolokwu Lagos), the other is a big clearing and sorting warehouse (at Ajao estate Lagos) where we store goods cleared from the port and from the airport.

We have the partnership with some top Chinese factories and manufacturers in China, so they supply us quality things in bulk at affordable prices and we re-sell to our clients in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Togo. We deliver to these 4 African countries for now, but will soon expand into other African countries, and USA (Houston Texas).
We are also partially in the UK for those who want to ship or bring in things from the UK. We sell things at the most affordable price so u can make the huge profit if u buy anything from us, but we sell only on wholesale quantity, not retail.

How To Find Genuine International customers

We have Whatsapp groups where we post pictures and price of things available for sale at flash sale prices, so if u like anything we posted on the WhatsApp group, u just send a private message to the admin or the number on this website to order for it and pay.

We have been helping a lot of Nigerians make money online by buying and selling nice things online. We can teach u too if u want to learn. Also, if u have something u bought by yourself in China or UK and you want to ship it fast/cheap from China to Nigeria, or from the UK to Nigeria, then contact us for details.

If you also want to send anything from Nigeria to Kenya, from Nigeria to Ghana, from Nigeria to Togo, you can also contact us. Our shipping charges are very affordable more than any other shipping or logistics company for now.

If you don’t have money to get started now, you can start a drop-shipping business with us by contacting us so we can give you pictures and prices of things we have on ground for drop-shipping, so you add your own small profit and post it on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc and when anybody wants to buy, you contact us and buy from us cheaper and sell to the person and make some profit.

One Best Strategy That Guarantees Success During Recession

We are helping many students and housewives make money through this our drop-shipping business model. Stop wasting time posting irrelevant things on your Facebook timeline just to get likes and comments, do things that will help u grow financially and wisdom wise, this is a rare opportunity for you to start making money for yourself whether you are working or not. Earning more money if you are working already is not a crime!

For more info Whatsapp 08025910090 

Ozoemena O. Charles is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zuma Marketing Limited and CEO and also a digital marketing consultant.

Zuma Marketing is a contemporary company that deals in audio-visual products and integration, modern teaching aids and educational resources. Since 2012, ZML has provided thousands of clients with reliable and cost-efficient technology solutions for their collaboration, presentation, and Educational needs.

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